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First Time Freshmen

Applying to Xavier University of Louisiana

Here at Xavier, we recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate that each student is unique. As such, our admissions application process allows each student individual attention throughout the review and decision process.

Xavier University of Louisiana uses a holistic assessment of a student's completed application when making admissions decisions. The admissions committee considers all submitted information before a decision is made.

Test scores are not required for admission.

Application Requirements:

  • Xavier application or the Common Application
  • Letter of Recommendation (from a College Counselor)
  • Official High School transcript
  • Essay (required if official test scores aren’t submitted)
  • Resume (required if official test scores aren’t submitted)


Admissions Requirements


The University expects that answers to all questions on the application be accurate and truthful. Any falsification of information in the application may result in denial of admission or University disciplinary action. Applicants are encouraged to use one of the on-line applications. There is no application fee.


A transcript of credits from a regionally and/or state-accredited high school indicating that the applicant has, or will complete, a minimum of sixteen academic units of secondary school work in college preparatory subjects which include: 4 units of English, 2 units of Mathematics (including Algebra), 1 unit of Science, 1 unit of Social Science, and 8 units of Languages or Other Academic Electives.


Students interested in majoring in any of the mathematics-related fields (accounting, computer science, mathematics, mathematics education, or any of the natural sciences) ideally should have four years of college preparatory mathematics courses, including two years of algebra, one of geometry, and at least one semester of trigonometry. It is recommended that natural science majors, in addition to the above-mentioned mathematics courses, should also take biology, chemistry and physics in high school.


Applicants who have not completed a regular high school program but who have taken the General Education Development test and obtained satisfactory grades may be admitted by presenting a high school equivalency certificate in lieu of a complete high school transcript. These certificates may be obtained through a student's State Department of Education.


“Test scores are not required for admission. Should you submit them, Xavier accepts scores from the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or the American College Testing Program (ACT). Scores from tests taken between April of the junior year and January of the senior year are preferred.


Recommendation from high school counselor.

Sending Your Materials to XULA



Can be sent to XULA at

1 Drexel Drive

P.O. Box 132

New Orleans, LA 70125

Test scores should be sent directly to XULA from the Testing Agency using the following XULA codes:

XULA SAT Code: 6975

XULA ACT Code: 1618


All students are considered for merit-based scholarship opportunity in the application review process regardless of which option they choose in applying to Xavier. Visit the academic scholarships page for more information.
Upon receiving a completed application, applicants are typically notified within 10 business days.
Please log-on to your Xavier Student Portal to double-check we have received all required documents for application review. Upon entering the page, you will be informed of anything that is needed. If this is not the case and it has been beyond two weeks, contact the office at
All students will be evaluated for admission should they choose to submit test scores or not. We practice a holistic review process and will give students admission consideration using all information submitted within the application.
Xavier does not have a minimum GPA or minimum test requirement for admission. The application review process takes on a holistic approach to review each applicant based on their application and supporting documents (i.e, transcripts, test scores, recommendations, personal essays, etc.).
No, we do not super score, however, we will take the highest composite score from any official test (ACT/SAT) submitted up to August 1st.
Yes, we are test-optional. Due to the current pandemic, Xavier University waived the test requirement and students can apply without submitting test scores. If students opt to apply without submitting test scores, they must submit a written essay in lieu of test scores. The essay topic requires is “Why do you want to attend Xavier University of Louisiana.
No, there is no separate application process for merit-based scholarships. All students are automatically reviewed for institutional merit-based awards during the evaluation process.
Students are encouraged to apply by the preferred scholarship deadline – December 1st. The preferred application deadline is March 1st for consideration of fall enrollment.
The application for Xavier University is FREE.
A copy of your acceptance letter is accessible through the application portal where you check the status of your application. This is your official letter of acceptance. Notification is also sent by email. Typically mailed admissions packages are mailed 2 weeks after an admissions decision is completed. div>
Data will be added soon.

Enrollment :

The enrollment deposit is $150.
May 1st

Instructions for how to pay your deposit have been emailed to the email address you provided when completing your application. The detailed steps are listed below:

Clickthe link and follow these step by step directions:

  1. Click the "Make a Payment" tab under "Education Payments".
  2. Select Louisiana in the first scroll menu.
  3. Under "Payment Entity", select Xavier University of Louisiana.
  4. Under "Payment Category", select deposits.
  5. Under "Payment Type", select Admission Acceptance Payment.
  6. Click "Make a Payment".
Incoming freshmen can request a change of major up to registration. A request can be made via the student application portal and admissions will review this request and alert students of the change via email.

Students that are in need of taking a placement test can do so by reaching out to the Student Academic Success Office (SASO) by using the following email address: A virtual placement test will then be scheduled. Also, the required scores for the placement test (Accuplacer) and other test scores can be found on our website:

Test scores can be emailed directly to a student’s respective admissions counselor or to the Office of Admissions to have the scores added to their application. Scores must come from verified sources such as the company offering the test (College Board or ACT) or from the college counselor at a student’s high school.
Incoming freshmen can request a change of major up to registration. A request can be made via the student application portal and admissions will review this request and alert students of change via email.
An email detailing this information has been sent to every admitted student; however, the easiest way to obtain details is to email


First Day Complete is a course material model that lowers the cost of materials for students and ensures students have access to all of their required course materials on or before the first day of class. Through this new program, physical books will be conveniently packaged and provided to students on a rental basis, and digital materials will be delivered directly within the campus LMS. Costs will be applied to your fee bill as “Gold Book Bundle”. At the end of the term, students will receive email reminders to return their physical course materials to the bookstore.
Yes, Xavier University of Louisiana offers several institutional merit-based scholarships as well as need-based grants and loans offered after completion of the FAFSA application.
No, Xavier is a private institution. Tuition is the same for in-state and out-of-state students.
Yes, work-study is need-based aid offered through the FAFSA application and administered through the Office of Financial Aid.

Student Life:

Xavier is part of the Division 1 NAIA Conference. We feature programs such as Basketball, Track, Cross-Country, Tennis, and Competitive Cheer (both male and female) and Volleyball (female) Baseball (male), and Softball (female). Visit for more information.
Yes. Currently, 8 of the Divine 9 fraternities and sororities are active on campus.
No, Xavier is a private institution. Tuition is the same for in-state and out-of-state students.
Yes, “Xavier Exponential” is an honors program by invitation only. This experiential program offers valuable opportunities through interdisciplinary, collaborative, and innovative approaches to learning that also affect positive social change.


Last year’s incoming freshman class had an average 3.67 GPA and 22 ACT / 1100 SAT test score.

Yes! We accept minimum scores of 3 on most AP exams and 4 in high-level IB exams. Specific information may be found at 




Last year’s incoming freshman class had an average 3.67 GPA and 22 ACT / 1100 SAT test score. 


Yes! We accept minimum scores of 3 on most AP exams and 4 in high-level IB exams. Specific information may be found at 





Majors affiliated with STEM are the most popular, specifically biology and chemistry. 

International Student Enrollment :

No,  a foreign transcript evaluation is not required if the official transcripts are in English and show a grade scale for each letter or number grade. 

No. ALL documents must be sent by a school, testing agency or counselor. Documents that are sent by students for family members are not accepted as an official document for admissions review. 


Yes, International students can receive any merit based scholarship up to full tuition. Merit scholarships are based on GPA and test scores and no residency or citizenship is required.


No. Federal financial aid is offered through the FAFSA application which requires US residency or citizenship. We can not award international students federal funding if they do not have US residency or citizenship.


No, These test scores are only required for non-English natives or if you have not met the SAT or ACT test score Benchmarks for English and Reading/Writing. 


A Certificate of Financial Support is part of the admissions review for international students and is MANDATORY. This form is to be sent via mail to:


 Xavier University of Louisiana 

1 Drexel Drive 

Office of Admissions 

New Orleans, LA 70125 


This form validates that a student from overseas can meet the tuition requirements and meet the F-1 visa requirements. If a student does not meet this requirement, they may not be granted admission or a VISA, or both. 


If you are applying for the Spring the deadline is September 1st. If you are applying for the Fall the deadline is March 1st. 


The application is free for all students applying to Xavier University of Louisiana. You can apply on our website at or through a common app. 


Students can view all updates to their application by logging into their online application portal. Once you complete your application you can track the status of your application by simply logging in to your online account and view your application status. 


Once you are admitted you will receive an email letting you know of your admissions update and decision. Within 2-3 weeks, you will then receive your admissions packet which will include your acceptance letter, your scholarship amount if any, and your I-20 application. Once you receive this packet you will need to schedule your visa appointment at your embassy. After you have completed your visa appointment and receive your F-1 student visa, you will send your enrollment deposits and housing deposits to secure your room and enrollment at Xavier. 


Helpful Resouces


We know that the first time a student experiences college can be an overwhelming experience. At Xavier University, we offer resources to help students take advantage of all our campus has to offer as well as have a successful and rewarding time during their time at Xavier University.