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University Police

Xavier University Police

The Mission of the Xavier University of Louisiana, Office of University Police, is to provide a crime free environment and promote programs on Crime Prevention, Safety & Security Awareness, Risk Reduction and Avoidance as comprehensive approaches to meet the goals of the Department and the University.

The Office of University Police is temporarily located at 4930 Drexel Drive. And currently not at the Carrollton Avenue location. entrance of the University, corner of South Carrollton and Drexel Drive (3801 South Carrollton Avenue). The location provides convenient access to the entire campus, as well as serving as an information center for visitor. It is open 24 hours a day for students, faculty, and staff seeking assistance or to report any suspicious persons, activities and/or circumstances, or emergencies occurring on campus.

Each member of Office of University Police is a trained Officer who holds a State of Louisiana University Police Commission or a Special officer Commission issued by the New Orleans Police Department. Although the commissions authorize University Police Officers to be armed and to apprehend persons who have been observed committing criminal acts, the primary missions of the University Police Department is to prevent and serve as a deterrent to criminal activities within the jurisdiction of Xavier University of Louisiana and its subsidiaries.

Services performed by the Office of University Police include but are not limited to:

  • Securing and Opening Buildings;
  • Vehicle, Bicycle and Foot Patrols of properties;
  • Enforcement of University Rules and Regulations;
  • Enforcement of State Laws & Municipal Ordinances;
  • Investigation of Criminal Violations & Auto Accidents;
  • Crime Prevention & Personal Safety Programs;
  • Emergency & Personal Escorts Services; Security Surveys (on & off Campus)

.LSA-RS 17:1805 The Authority of the University or College Police Officer

  • Those persons who are university or college police officers responsible for maintaining general order and exercising police power on the campus of a state support or private college or university shall be designated as university or college police officers. Each such person named as a police officer by the president of the college or university shall be commissioned as a university or college police officer by the Department of Public Safety or as provided in Subsection E of this Section. Such commission shall remain in force and in effect at the pleasure of the employing college of university. These police officers shall have the right to carry concealed weapons and to exercise the power of arrest when discharging their duties on their respective campuses while in or out of uniform. In the discharge of their duties on campus and while in hot pursuit, on or off campus, each university or college police officer may exercise the power of arrest. Each such police officer shall execute a bond in the amount of Ten Thousand dollars in the favor of the state, for the faithful performance of his duties. The premium of the bond shall be paid by the employing institution.


  • Any person arrested by a college or university police officer, in the exercise of the power herein above granted, shall be immediately transferred by such office to the custody of the sheriff or city police wherein the arrest occurs.


  • On and after January 1, 1975, no person shall be commissioned as a college or university police officer, unless prior to such commissioning the person has, as a minimum requirement, completed and graduated from six-week program of Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy of Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical college or possesses equivalent training experience.


  • Upon authorization by the chief administrative officer of the educational institution, a college or university police officer shall have authority to discharge his duties off campus if engaging in intelligence gathering activity, investigating a crime committed on campus, or if specifically requested by the chief law enforcement officer of the parish or city. 


  • Notwithstanding any provisions of this section to the contrary, any state supported or private college or university situated within the territorial limits of any municipality having a population in excess of two hundred fifty thousand persons may, at the option of said college or university, have its campus police officers commissioned as university or college police officers by such municipal or city police department, rather than the Department of Public Safety, upon complying with the requirements and regulations as may be prescribed by said municipal or city police department for the commissioning of special officers. Such commissions issued by a municipal or city police department shall confer upon such campus police officers all rights and privileges as are enumerated in this Section with respect to officers commissioned through and by the Department of Public Safety; provided, however, that such officers shall not be entitled to supplements for municipal police officers.